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  • Admission
  • Chair, Umbrella and Tent Guidelines
  • Admission

    Daily Admission

    Daily Admission Types Daily Weekday Weekends/Holidays
    Admission $8(R) / $12(N) $9(R) / $13(N)
    Adult Float $5(R) / $5(N) N/A
    Children Under 2 Free Free

    RESIDENCY NOTE: (R=Resident / N=Non-resident) Resident rates apply to those who live within the geographic boundaries of the Fox Valley Park District – Aurora, North Aurora, Montgomery and Sugar Grove – and pay property taxes to the District. For water parks only, resident rates also apply to those who pay their water bill to the City of Aurora. If you are uncertain about your residency status, please check your current property tax bill.  Children under 2 are free and do not need an ID card.

    Splash Pass for Vaughan Members

    Vaughan Athletic Center Members can purchase the exclusive Splash Pass for Vaughan Members to enjoy Splash Country Water Park all summer long at a discounted rate! To purchase this pass, you must already have an existing membership to Vaughan Athletic Center. This pass provides unlimited admission to Splash Country Water Park only.

    Splash Pass for Vaughan Members
    Standard Pass (Ages 13 to 61) $60
    Child Pass (Ages 2 to 12) $50
    Senior Pass (Ages 62 & up) $50
    Children Under 2 Free

    Residents are people who live within and pay taxes to the Fox Valley Park District and /or the City of Aurora, North Aurora, Montgomery and Sugar Grove. All other visitors are classified as non-residents.

    Chair, Umbrella and Tent Guidelines

    Guests are welcome to bring their own chairs, umbrellas or shade tents into the Outdoor Aquatic Centers for secured seating and shade. All personal folding lounges, chairs umbrellas and tents may be placed in the grass yard areas and located a minimum of 4 feet from the pool deck’s edge. Items are not permitted on the pool deck.

    Chairs and Umbrellas

    • Personal folding lounges and folding bag chairs, or chairs with attached umbrellas are allowed inside the park.
    • Umbrellas should be no larger than 6′ tall. Guests are advised to use caution when using them in high traffic areas and during strong winds.

    Shade Structures and Tents

    • Pop-up tents no larger than 10′ x 10′ are permitted.
    • Guests are encouraged to use weights or short stakes to anchor down tents.
    • In high winds, guests are advised to retract all shade tents and umbrellas for safety purposes.

    Guests are advised to monitor all personal property brought on site as the Fox Valley Park District is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, forgotten or damaged. Guests may be liable and are advised to exercise caution while their actions or use of personal property may cause injury to another. All personal property must be removed from the site at the close of each day. For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, respect and observance of the personal space of others in encouraged.